Taped Messages

We offer taped messages of all preached services. These include consecutive expositions of the Scriptures and topical messages to help develop practical graces such as Parenting, Prayer, Godly Living, etc.

Quality Literature

We stock quality, proven literature by such authors as Charles H. Spurgeon, John Bunyan, J.C. Ryle, John Calvin, Martin Luther, and others on topics such as church history, parenting, devotions, apologetics and more.

Men's Prayer Breakfast

The Men’s Breakfast gathers monthly for the purpose of eating, fellowshipping and studying together. The time is ordinarily on the third Saturday of the month, from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. This may be the study of a passage of scripture or an edifying work of Christian literature approved by the leadership of the church.

Women's Study

The Women's Study sets apart a period of time for the study of an edifying work of Christian literature approved by the leadership of the church. Additional events may be arranged for the women to encourage mutual support of one another in the Lord.

Youth Group

Youth Group(s) are conducted by selected men of the church and are designed to minister to the young people of the church. These groups seek to blend Biblical instruction with mutual encouragement, in a format that is both edifying and evangelistic.

Nursery Services

Nursery is a ministry to the children as well as to the parents. It provides for peace and order in the worship service and childcare for relief of the parents so they can worship. Nursery workers must be members of the church; but young people, who show sufficient maturity, may (on occasion) be asked to assist in this ministry as well.

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